The APTA Journal Calls for Scope Expansion

APTA Journal Calls for Expanded Scope of Practice, Claims Diagnostic Testing a Significant Opportunity

Diagnostics Proven to Help Treat 60% More Effectively And Earn Up To – 10x Higher Reimbursements

New York, NY,  October 28th, 2018

A major breakthrough for the Physical Therapy profession has been achieved by the publication of a very important article in the recent APTA Journal.

The article, written by a team of 8 prominent PTs from around the world, uses clinical evidence to call for the expansion of the PT scope of practice to “include the right to order and interpret investigations, such as X-rays, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), ultrasound scans, electro-neurophysiological tests, and blood tests, and to perform joint and soft tissue injections and prescribe medications.”

62% More Effective Patient Managements…

Not only will this expanded scope increase patient management effectiveness, but it will simultaneously allow physical therapists to take advantage of incredible reimbursement opportunities that are only available through diagnostic testing.

A separate multi-center study with over 465 patients showed that management was changed in 62% of patients post EMG and MSKUS testing. Additionally, 90% of patients agreed that they were better able to understand their problem…and better able to manage it because of the answers they got through diagnostic testing performed in the Physical Therapy clinic.

Up to 10x Higher Reimbursements Per Visit..

Along with enhanced patient care, diagnostic testing also creates an  unprecedented reimbursement opportunities. Physical Therapists across the country trained, mentored and approved by Hands-On Diagnostics have seen as much as 5x – 10x current reimbursement rate/patient/visit.

How are such levels of reimbursement possible?  

It’s because there are billing codes that are in a totally different category than the standard PT codes. Qualified diagnostic tests can be billed separately from physical therapists to access this universe of codes.

The APTA Journal article calling for an expanded scope of practice moves Physical Therapists closer to true autonomy and towards the inevitable future of Physical Therapy– diagnostic testing.



There is evidence that consulting a physical therapist first results in significant savings and a decrease in opioid prescriptions, emergency room visits and imaging.

Hands-On Diagnostics: Revolutionizing the Private Practice Physical Therapy Profession 

Hands-On Diagnostics (HODS) is a national franchise that helps Physical Therapists establish a variety of diagnostic tests in their facilities. These diagnostic tests include electromyography to evaluate the integrity of nerves and muscles and musculoskeletal ultrasound imaging to evaluate joints, muscles and nerves.

With over 160 facilities in over 24 states, providing the nation’s first Fellowship in Musculoskeletal Ultrasound (the FMSK Program) and also providing an APTA-approved Residency in Electromyography, Hands-On Diagnostics is uniquely positioned to help private practice owners successfully–and profitably– navigate the journey of implementing diagnostic testing within their clinics.

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Private practitioners face financial pressures other healthcare professionals don’t experience. A recent nationwide survey revealed that the average per visit PT reimbursement is just $101 with a profit margin less than 12%.

This isn’t just a low number, it’s a dangerous number. It presents very real threats to your practice. Not only does it make it harder to hire and retain quality staff, but it makes it more difficult to cover operational costs and to reach expansion goals.

Hands-On Diagnostics has perfected a new model of physical therapy that creates massive reimbursements for private practitioners while helping patients recover faster than ever before– PT Beyond 2020. 

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