Neil Trickett Interview

5 Key Marketing Steps to Double Your Income in Less than a Year

Special Interview with Neil Trickett, CEO of Practice Promotions:


Neil TrickettFounder & CEO, Practice Promotions®

Neil Trickett, PT has been a practice owner and now consults hundreds of PT practices nationwide, he lping them implement powerful online and print marketing tools. Neil founded Practice Promotions and PT Performance Websites. His passion for helping PT practice owners, has led him to build multi-million dollar PT marketing agencies that now service practice owners all across the U.S. and Canada.

Neil’s Website:

What to Expect at the Private Practice Summit


The Diagnostic Breakthrough

With newfound breakthroughs and developments in the pioneering of diagnostic tests into Physical Therapy, it now easier and significantly more profitable to treat patients than ever before. On day 1, our founders, Dr. Dimitrios Kostopoulos and Dr. Kostantine Rizopoulos will break down the practicality of these tests and show you how you can leverage them to get higher reimbursements and a greater competitive edge while simultaneously helping your patients recover faster.


The MSKUS Advantage

We’ve conducted over 1000 musculoskeletal ultrasounds as an organization in the last 6 months, and our MSKUS Director, Mohini Rawat will brand new, never-before-released data proving how much more effective your treatments can be with this tool.


The EMG Advantage

At HODS, we have taken it upon ourselves to make EMG testing common-practice for PTs. This year, we will have one of the leading voices in the entire world, Dr. Jun Kimura, share his expertise on this test.


The Growth Sessions

Plus ultra-relevant breakout sessions on topics such as:The 7-Figure Panel, Management Secrets for Rapid and Stable Growth, Cutting-Edge Marketing Strategies (that actually works), Instant Income-Doubling Strategies, and much, much more.


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